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Health Information Technology (HIT) is an information technology, which is linked with the health and health care of people. It bolsters health information management crosswise by the use of computerized systems as well as it protects the exchange of information among customers, suppliers, payers, and quality monitors.

Taking into account the regularly stated report in 2008, which shows the small series of studies that provides ambulatory care of the three U.S. therapeutic centers, the utilization of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) was seen as the most encouraging device or tool for enhancing the general quality, health and efficiency of productivity in the health delivery system.

According to the 2006 report by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, extensive and stable usage of HIT is that it: (1) Enhances health services quality or effectiveness: (2) Increases health care production and efficiency; (3) It prevents errors and increases the health care accuracy; (4) It reduces the health care costs; (5) Increases management efficiency in the work process of health care and (6) It diminishes printed material and useless or inert work time.

Health care experts, policymakers, suppliers, and consumers consider health IT, for example, electronic health records and automated provider order section, to be basic to change the human services industry. Data management is crucial for health care delivery.

Given the different way of health care, the extensive volume of transactions in the framework, the need to coordinate new investigative proof into practice, and other complex data management exercises, the limited use of paper-based data services is instinctively clear.

Mixture of health IT (HIT) applications, for example, electronic health records (EHR) and computerized provider order entries (CPOE), frequently inform radical changes with clinical work forms and workflow. These progressions could undesirably affect customer satisfaction, time effectiveness, nature of consideration, and patient safety. Qualitative studies exploring HIT-related 'unintended results' have sufficiently shown that break in building the work procedures and work process presented by HIT adoption is the main reason for these problematic or aggressive results.

Time and motion (T&M) is the most commonly used methodology for evaluating work process to survey the potential effect associated with HIT. It is observed recently that time and motion (T&M) studies have reliably demonstrated that this effect is either unimportant or just minimal, showing that HIT implementations do not unfavorably influence clinicians' time use and clinical work process.

The health care industry is emerging quickly in Health Information Technology as it is very useful in record, protection, retrieve and transferring the information in health IT industry. The usage of health information system has become very important in the recent years as it completes the timely information and fulfills the obligations of the day. It helps in improving the quality of data which helps the clinicians and other staff members to make fair and informed decision in order to improve the quality of patient care. The data collection from various sources allows forecasting the long term perspective for the future.Research Paper Case Solution

Literature review:

The Health IT (HIT) is an essential care which includes a variety of electronic techniques that are utilized to oversee data the individuals' health and medicinal services, for both individual patients and group of patients. The operation of health IT can enhance the service quality of care, which would result in most cost effectiveness care for patients as well as for doctors.

Information technology plays a vital role in improving the quality of the health care; as it controls the cost and increased the efficiency. Nowadays, both public and private sectors of the healthcare industry are using IT due to which they are able to meet new quality reporting standards, empower patients and become the backbone of emerging care delivery....................

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