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The company that would be discussed in the paper for the objective of carrying research is CTC Export & Import Company that is one of the most organized organizations in the country that has been working along the lines of export and import for a long time. The head office of the company is located in Istanbul, Turkey.

The company’s major products have been LDPE Plastic Bags, HDPE, Whey Powder, T-Shirts and Olive Oil. The company explores the market by offering diverse products, which range from edible items to non-tangible goods.

The company offers its products at competitive prices to sustain itself in the international market, where CTC has been able to develop strong brand name in the market. It is basically a trading company that has been offering wide range of products for export and import purposes. The company was established in the year 2003. The total revenues for the company have been $100, 000-$500,000.

Business operations at CTC

CTC Export and Import company business operations are quite organized and well connected with the company and its export activities. CTC has been a major supplier of LDPE Plastic Bags, HDPE, Whey Powder, T-Shirts and Olive Oil indifferent markets of the Western Europe and United States.

The company exports its products to the market through local government support where the Turkish government has been a connecting force that has allowed the firm to sustain in the market where it has been able to bring in FDI to the country. The major products that have been the sole identity of CTC are the LDPE plastic bags and the HDPE which has been major source of generating revenues for the company.

Government involvement in International Trade

CTC has been a beneficiary of government involvement in international trade. The reason is simple; the government of Turkey has been quite supportive about the firms that export local products to the international market. CTC being one of those companies has been quite successful with its relationship with the local government. The government of Turkey has been offering subsidiary to those firms that have been exporting agricultural products to the Western world (Shiozawa, Y. 2007).

Since CTC has been involved in exporting olive oil, therefore it has been benefiting from the subsidiary. Along with this, the government has been quite committed to serve the industry where it has been constantly strengthening the relationship with foreign investors who are willing to import goods to their local markets from different parts of the world. CTC has been quite well placed because it has been involved in imports and exports in the market.

Along with this, as per the research, the government of Turkey has developed a bilateral framework with the United States government that is called the Strategic Commercial and Economic Cooperation (FSECC) is chaired at the Cabinet-level to discuss key areas of strategic economic cooperation of the two countries. This treaty has also been a major factor which has encouraged more local Turkish companies to come over and operate in this part of the world (David, 2000).

The foreign trade policy of Turkey has been in favor of the economic interest of the country. The FDI Law No. 4875 has been introduced in the country in 2003, which has allowed and export policy quite clear where the taxes have been reduced and the market has become rather favorable for the foreign players to either import or import in the Turkish market.Research Paper Case Solution


Lastly, it can be said that CTC Export & Import Company has been a firm that has benefited from the international trade policies of the country because the government has been rather supportive and has been constantly bringing in new methods and business deals with the different European and United States and Canadian market to encourage them and create a business environment where the imports and exports in Turkish market is a feasible option (Shiozawa, Y. 2007)...........................

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