Research and sampling Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Research and sampling Case Solution

Question 1:

Answer 1(a):

The sporting goods retail industry mainly deals in the sales of the new equipment's in the markets all over the world. The primary retail products of the company are bicycles, camping equipment, physical fitness equipment, apparel, footwear and playing equipment’s such as football, basketballs and other equipment necessary for playing the sports. The products and equipment's are manufactured by the companies and then channeled to the stores and retailers from where the customers buy the products. The industry has witnessed phenomenal growth over the last five years as the purchasing power of the population along with their increased inclination towards sports has increased.

Answer 1(b):

The interaction of the people before buying the sports equipment's from stores varies along the variety and characteristics of the equipment that the customer intends to buy.In terms of apparel or foot wear products, the customer will likely try out the product at the store before purchasing it in order to see the size and comfort of the product. In case of the other sports equipment's such as hockey sticks, football, basketball and bicycles the quality of the product matter the most and he/she will likely judge these products based upon their specifications.

Question 2:

Answer 2(a):

The financial analysis of the brands that are operating in the market reveals that the brand C has the highest brand loyalty of the customer in the market and the industry and the lowest customer satisfaction and loyalty belongs to the brand E of the market and the industry. The brand loyalty of the brand C is 80% and that of the brand E is roughly above 60%.

Answer 2 (b):

The percentage of customers who switch from one brand to another in the market is roughly above 28%. These are individuals and customers who keep on changing their brands from among the five brands that are operating in the market as per their liking.

Answer 2(c):

The available financial data of the market clearly articulates the presence of trends among the customers of the market and these trends are based upon the market segment of the industry. The varying trends clarify the presence of two market trends in the industry and the five brands of the market are segmented among these trends. The brands A, B and E belong to the first category of the market segmentation and the brands C and D belong to the second category of the market segmentation.

Question 3:

Answer 3 (a):

Critique of the Draft Survey:

The draft survey that is developed by the management of the company is quite complete and comprehensive as it covers all the aspects and angles to judging the buying trends as well as the preferences of the customers in terms of their tastes and liking.It also helps to understand the convenience of the customer while purchasing the chocolate bars from the markets in terms of prices, consumption rates and the reason of their use of chocolate bars.

The draft survey will also facilitate to understand the online buying trends of the customers as well as the major target group of the market in terms of age segregation. However; a disadvantage of the survey of the company is that it is quite lengthy and seeks too much answering from a volunteer sample that has agreed to answer the survey questions.

The people or customers in terms of survey or the feedback prefer short yet to the point questions and drafts and this is something that it lacks and this might become an issue as the survey is supposed to be through online links; the customer might quit in between of the survey leaving it incomplete and unusable for extracting data by the management of the company.

The management of the company should segregate the sample into multiple stages and only the sample or an individual that qualifies for the next stage of the sampling should be asked questions of regarding the specifics in terms of offerings and brand of the company. ....................

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