Phillips Foods, INC Introduction King Crab to the Trade Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Situation Analysis

The Philips foods presently offering variety of products to the retail grocers’which are frozen, refrigerated and shelf stable. The pasteurization process of the company was among the one of the first in the industry. The company exhibited at various trade shows and the recent exhibit was made up of multiple elements that could be gathered on different booth sizes.

Trade shows are important marketing tools that helps to reach a huge target market. A trade show can be a great technique to promote the brand offerings to a target market and create brand awareness. They brought the most active prospects andcustomers to the company displaying. In addition to this, it also helps the companies to interact face to face with their existing and potential customers in order to exhibit their offerings, answer queries and overcome the objections. However, the multiple marketing objective could be achieved through the trade shows ranging from long term building relationship with customers to the immediate sales lead generation. While the trade magazine are important information sources as they provide up to date business news and research to the managers at key decision making positions. Furthermore, Tardeadvertingwas effective tool in generating sales leads and reaching large audiences. The trade sows allowed face to face interaction over three days whereas trade ads can reach the larger audience and brand image of the company throughout the year.

The international Boston Food show has an expected attendance for the year was 18,000 and the net attendance who actually attend the show to see booth and new products .However, the attendance of the customers that are actually interested in the offerings of the company includesthe segment of Sea foods distributors, brokers and wholesalers 15%, food service 10%and Retailers 8%.This total of 33% (3,960 visitors) of net attendance were the customers that the company may needs to focus more as they might suitable for the Philips new product offerings.

The 65% of the Philips target audience were looking for the products that matches the offerings of the company and this includes the number of visitors2,574 out of net attendance.

As it was expected that not all the visitors have interest in all the kinds of products that the Philips Food sold .Furthermore, on the basis of past trade show experience it was estimated by the Philips that after the end of the show it may attract and interact with the 70 % of the buyers who actually had interest in the products of the Philips. However, this showed that the 1,802 number of visitors that were expected to attend the international Boston Seafood Show and it amount was slightly superiorto the industry average of 57%.

The company must analyze the time duration each of 1,802 visitors will stay inside the booth   In order to identify the Booth size and number of employees needed.

Based on the industry average and the past experience of the company it was estimated that visitors at the booth stay for six minutes. This time was long enough for them to show some interest in the product offerings and shared contact information with company’s representatives.

With the number of visitors 1,802 at each visitor six minutes time of face to face interaction showed the total of 10,811 minutes .This was the time that required by the Philips in order to face to face interaction with the customers over the period of the show. The total time duration of the show was 19 hours as the show continued for three days and was open from 10 am to 5 pm non first two days whereas from 10 am to 3 pm  on the third day of the show.

This is also equal to 569 minutes of visitor face to face interaction per show calculated by dividing the total of 10,811 minutes of face to face interaction with the total hours of the show. So the number of the employees required for the expected potential was around 10 members(569 minutes divided by 60).

Philips also included a kitchen where the samples of the food were cooked in the larger shows such as IBSS.As the kitchen covered the area of 359 square feet so the three staff members were required to run it .In addition to this, it cost $9,000 in order to ship out and then return the displays to storage in Maryland due to its large size and number of components. The company also required four extra staff member throughout the show duration.

The extra two members were required in order to accommodate potential peaks whereas other two were required to manage the displays products and refresh the samples. Therefore, number of 17 employees Phillips will need at the show in order to maximize the show’s potential.

The total number of booth size required was 12,000 square feet calculated by the sum taking the sum of requiredarea (square feet) 600,area for exhibit elements 250 and area for kitchen 350.

The total IBSStrade show cost was $130,900 which includes the exhibit design $33,000, transportation cost $18,000, show services $27,000, travel and entertainment cost $48,900 and the adverting and promotion cost $4,000.................

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