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Proof Designs Case Solution

Environmental Analysis

 So according to the given situation, it has been analyzed that the most preferable method to analyze the internal and external factors of the business is  SWOT analysis. Therefore, following points would discuss the expected performance of the business and the constraints that it would suffer under the operational activity.

SWOT analysis

The model discusses the current situation of the organization both internally as well as externally in order to assess the business of Proof Designs. The analysis would provide a detailed evaluation of the company’s performance in terms of positivity and negativity. It also addresses the issues, which the business would face in future.


The main strength of Proof Designs was incurring a less fixed cost due to a  developed positive, where the business operated. This advantage would increase the profit margin of the company by handling only the variable cots under the given time period. The other strength includes the company’s ability to diversify the business due to highly innovative products it offers to its customers and retailers. The product also has various features in terms of designs and other facilities, which could retain the customers for long-term.


The biggest weakness of the business was lack of necessary funds to operate the business in a commercial place or area. So operating from the laboratory that belongs to Szombathy’s father could damage the reputation of the business, if the inventory demand would be high and would be not afforded to restore in a small place.


However, some opportunities through which the business could expand fast were there; these opportunities include the online sales of the jewelry through connection with retailers and end users. This would provide the opportunity to control the cost by offering items that have low service charges under the discount rate. Moreover, this would decrease the marketing and advertisement activities by allowing the activity to go through ads and site bars. The other opportunity included adopting a competitive position within the market due to the innovative business in nature, which provides various products that are uncommon in market trends.


While there were some threats that could damage the business in the early stage of the development, the biggest threat was the increasing level of competition that a business would face in future due to high technological innovations in the design of various products, which would attract and shift the customers from the current choice and fashion. The other threats include the company’s inability to acquire the own commercial place by generating limited revenues through limited inventory of use under the small place of laboratory.

Mission & Vision of the business

There is a huge difference between the mission and vision of the business, while the mission illustrates the steps towards achieving the desired results and that desired result is the vision that would be the main objective of every business or the company to survive in a better position. However, after analyzing the business activity, it has been identified that the vison of the business would be:

“To increase the customer’s response in favor of the company’s benefit and to accomplish what the business wants to pursue in order to stand in a better position than others”

The proposed vision statement above shows that in order to achieve the net outcome, the business should follow the process to accomplish the annual results. So to achieve the results step by step, the mission statement would help the business to grow fast and to meet the requirements in order to follow a proper vision.....................

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