Project Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Project Case Study Analysis

I would be reviewing employee work performance sheets and policies and the SOP (standard operating procedures) manual to have a comprehensive understanding of each and every aspect of company procedures, policies and operations and to assure the readiness of the company for future growth and consistency of quality products/ services to customers.

I would appreciate your attention to this matter and I would be looking forward to your cooperation and assistance.

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The following problems were experienced by the employees ta the Virginia Branch:

  1. Various complaints by clients were received regarding the advertising work of the graphic designers at the Virginia Branch.
  2. Threats by various employees at the branch were witnessed in relation to quitting their job.
  3. Lack of collaborative teams at the branch leading to low employee morale.
  4. The work of the graphic designers and other employees at the branch was rejected or revised without obtaining their views
  5. Frequent changes in project management leading to disputes among the directors.
  6. Reputational damage as a result of poor customer reviews, declining organization’s profits.
  7. New clients were accepted leading to increased employee workload without notifying them.
  8. Employees were paid no compensation for working extra hours.
  9. A number of clients refused to renew their contract with the branch.
  10. Declining profits, employee morale and productivity due to inadequate strategies, lack of positive reinforcement, no efforts to retain or motivate employees and poor HR policies.

Facts and Causes:

Declining profits, employee morale and productivity due to inadequate strategies, lack of positive reinforcement, no efforts to retain or motivate employees and poor HR policies.

After examining the situation at the branch, it is concluded that the organizational structure at the branch is weak. In addition, it is assessed that low employee productivity and morale, decreased customer satisfaction and financial issues are interrelated with each other. The employees working at the branch had low morale and were not motivated to perform satisfactorily. This was caused by rejecting the work of the graphic designers, refusing to obtain their views, lack of working in a collaborative team. . In addition, the executive directors of the projects at the organization kept changing randomly, leading to disputes among the new directors and creative teams as a result of which several of the employees left the company.

Due to accepting new clients, the workload at the branch increased and employees had to work overtime without receiving any compensation for extra hours. This lead to low employee morale and productivity, leading to increased client complaints and poor quality of work. On the other hand, new clients were accepted by the branch without considering low number of existing employees and already high business workload in order to increase revenue and overcome financial problems.

Impact and Effects:

After examining the situation at Virginia branch, it was learned that the branch did not make any steps related to customer satisfaction or improving their work quality. Similarly, instead of making strategies to attract its existing customers and persuade them to renew their contracts with the organization, new clients were accepted. This would lead to further decline in sales and reputational damage as it is likely that the new customers would not be satisfied with the work of the branch due to poor work quality. In addition, as the organization has fewer employees as a result of resignation by the art director and other employees, it is likely that further reputational damage might occur as result of poor quality work or delay in project completion due to lack of resources.

Moreover, it is assessed that employees wanted to work as a collaborative team and receive appreciation for their work. Collaborative working and positive reinforcement are the main reasons of high employee morale and increased employee productivity which in return results in improved organization performance. In addition, the employee’s experiences difficulties in coping with the change in project management, the increased number of disputes might result in further employees leaving the company, affecting the social image of the organization. Furthermore, the poor HR policies, lack of employee involvement in strategic management, lack of collaborative teams, lack of incentive schemes and unfair pay, increased employee workload and lack of trainings to improve the work quality and cope with change in project management would result in employees leaving the organization and affecting the profitability of the business.

Assuming, the total sales of the branch amounts $80,000 and the employee currently works for $2920 hours in a year, increasing the employee labor hours to $3500 would reduce the employee productivity ratio to $23/ hour from $27 per hour. In addition, low employee productivity and morale would affect the company’s sales negatively as a result of poor product quality and customer service. Assuming, the branch had 30000 customers in the last year but due to low employee morale and poor product quality, the branch’s customers reduced to 25000. As a result of this, the business’s churn rate would be 16.67%, indicating 16.67 percent customers discontinued availing the branch’s service as a result of low employee productivity and morale (Annexure, Excel)


To enable Roanoke to reach to fullest potential and cope up with the issue – employees had walked off the jobs, the company is recommended to offer the performance appraisal to salaried employees to satisfy and retain the effective, dynamic and future-ready workforce, it would help in performance evaluation, rating of employees, merit performance & evaluation review. It would also clarify the role and status of the employee. It would lead to both short & long term benefits, enhancing the sense of loyalty andincreasing job satisfaction among employees.It would also help the company to allow its employees to become eager, determined & flexible to the ever-changing business environment. Compensation could be in shape of;

  • Salary satisfaction
  • Compensation system satisfaction
  • Fairness
  • Timeliness
  • Promotion and razes
  • Evaluation system

Despite imposing too much a workload on employees, the agency needs to specify and articulate the roles and & responsibilities of them in a precise & humble way. This would lead to improved employee performance to a greater extent. The positivity needs to be boosted within an internal environment by providing affirmation and recognition. Also, there is a critical need of developing a habit of serving & affirming people they lead which could be done through looking for character & task strength. Planning to conduct the meeting on aquarterly basis is important to help employees in identifying the obstacles that tend to hinders them to perform well for the company’s future growth. Taking out a brief time to sincerely and candidly interact one-on-one with existing and former employees and make them feel valued and realize that their participation is vital to the success of the company.A climate of a company should encourage and support teamwork and makes work more motivating, satisfying and meaningful for employees. Creating and fostering a culture of employee recognition and engagement is essential for the survival and sustainability of abranch. Allowing the employees to concert their efforts on accomplishing the common objectives of company would lead to higher sales and financial outcomes.

The culture of the company tends to induce creative thinking to utilize opportunities in an effectivemanner.Through offering the frenzy benefits to employees, the work environmentat Roanoke Branch would contribute to the long-lived company’s success. The personalized training of employees would help in increasing productivity and retention and make the company competitive. In personalized training, thelearning experience would better fit the learning style, personal need, and retention speed of employees. This would lead to reduced employee turnoveras well ascreating multiple rooms for growth opportunities. HR should use focused or intelligent-led efforts to target the weak performer to improve potential outcomes, productivity and organizational performance. In addition to this, the company could retain its valuable employees through providing them with a meaningful experience and they should be offered meaningful career advancement opportunities allowinga business to motivate and reward employees for their contribution and participation. Linking rewards and pay to performance, follow the competency based program, provide personalized training programs, and develop onboarding process and complaints system, offer promotions and regular increments would lead to meaningful growth & success....................


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