PROCTOR AND GAMBLE Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


Question 1

Strategy-Making, Strategy-Executing Process

1. Developing a Strategic vision, mission and values.
• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


We will provide branded products & services of superior quality and value that improves the lives of our world’s consumers. As a result, the consumers will reward us with leadership, sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders, and the communities in which we live and work to prosper.


• Integrity
• Leadership
• Ownership
• Passion for Winning
• Trust

2. Setting Objectives

• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The company plans to provide branded products and services of high quality and value that result in improving the living standards of the consumer around the world, not only for the present but for the coming generations as well. All these will enhance our sales, profits and value creation process enabling the stakeholders of our organization and community to prosper.

 Crafting a Strategy

 Senior Executives

The company aims to capitalize on the daily usage of the consumer packaged products by enhancing its quality and reducing their prices. It plans on supporting itshigh quality products with aggressive marketing strategies and major focus in research and development department for continuously exploring innovative products.
 Executing the Strategy

• Senior Executives
• Managers

The organization directs its strategies towards implementation of the strategy across the organization. The organization motivates it employees for striving towards the organizational goals set by the top management of the company. Itputs efforts on maintaining the competency while growing the competitive advantage gained through their strategy. A supportive environment helps the company in carrying out the strategy across the organization.


• Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
• Senior Executives

For monitoring the performance of the strategies and the individuals in the organization, P&G evaluates the performance of the company on regular basis to assess the performance and make alterations and corrections to the mission, strategies, value etc of the company.

Question 2

Proctor & Gamble Vision Statement:

Be, and be recognized as, the best consumer products and services company in the world.

The first part of the vision statement mainly aims towards just their presence, therefore their priority is to first be present and then to be known for their providence of best consumer products and services for consumers all over the world. Their vision statement aims towards their dream in future as to what do they want to see themselves or precisely where do they want to see themselves.

The organization provides a wide long range of different categories of fast moving consumer goods. Therefore, their vision is to be the best or the number 1 provider of the fast moving consumer goods. It also includes their dream and aim of a solid presence in the market with the title of being the best of best. They also provide different consumer services and they want to excel at that as well.

The ease of consumer is at the core of their strategy therefore they have aligned it with their vision statement as well. They have synchronized their aim of being the best FMCG organization in the world as their vision with their mission of providing ease and facilities to their valuable consumers through different products and services.

My Vision of Proctor & Gamble:

To be the leading worldwide organization of best consumer products and services while serving the community as a whole.
Being the best comes with its benefits as well as responsibilities. Living in a world that is fast moving from single bottom line to double bottom line and then triple bottom line, P&G being a worldwide accepted and reputed organization should do its part as well. To the extent that it should be a part of the vision statement in my opinion. This includes not only being best in serving the society and valuable consumers through their best branded products and services but also going an extra mile.

It would include several factors like being a responsible corporate citizen and working towards a better ecology and environment. This vision statement is a testimony to the fact that P&G cares for the ecology and environment in which its employees and consumers live. Therefore, it naturally takes a special interest in doing the best it can to save the environment and ecology from destruction....................................

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