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Precise control is Minnesota, manufacturer of electronic control devices. To enhance its product line, Precision would like to establish an artificial intelligence research group, either through internal development or, preferably, through a merger or acquisition with a firm that has a strong artificial intelligence capabilities. Automated Intelligence Corp (AIC), a New York research and development company specializing in artificial intelligence, is an attractive candidate for a merger. For accounting reasons, the merger - if it takes place - is to be achieved through the exchange of shares. It just depends on the representatives of the two companies to negotiate a mutually acceptable relationship, in which all shares of APC may be exchanged for shares of Precision. Rewritten version of the previous case. "Hide
by James K. Sebenius, David T. Kotchen Source: Harvard Business School 12 pages. Publication Date: September 2, 1997. Prod. #: 898046-PDF-ENG

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