Strategies to reduce Product Proliferation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The main problems associated with the proliferation of products include higher production, inventory and accounting costs, increased costs related to trade promotions and payment schedules, added consumer confusion and stress, as well as increased susceptibility to lack of materials. This article describes how a firm can limit the spread of the product without incurring loss of sales or reduce consumer loyalty. Effective means of reducing the spread of the program should be based on several principles: to resist the temptation to ask consumers if greater range is required, the classification of goods in the consumer behavior-based levels, the use of cross-functional teams crop production and the practice of mass customization, where appropriate, placing absolute limits on product selection.;, and implementing an effective strategy for the product pruning "Hide
by Barry Berman Source: Business Horizons 11 pages. Publication Date: November 15, 2011. Prod. #: BH455-PDF-ENG

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Strategies to reduce Product Proliferation

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