American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

What's next for healthcare IT provider American Well, whose innovative technology Online Care allows physicians to deliver care to patients on the Internet in real time? Well, the American use of the platform, patients with non-emergency medical problems can communicate with physicians via the Internet or by phone and get advice or diagnosis without even visiting the doctor's office. Well, the American founders, Ido Schoenberg and Roy Schoenberg, I believe that this platform will reduce the cost of health care, the creation of new income earning opportunities for suppliers, as well as contribute to a more efficient, convenient health care delivery system. While the platform can take advantage of the insurance companies, providers, employers, and patients only company in the market in several health insurance companies today. In November 2009, three insurers have adopted the technology, and the U.S. But few expect to do so within the next 12 months. The company plans to accelerate the adoption of health insurance, it is also considering other options for growth. Is it too early to commit resources to the development and marketing of second generation American pit product that facilitates real-time communication between doctors and specialists? Well, if the U.S. to pursue new markets in the U.S., such as hospitals, clinics and chain pharmacies, or even expand internationally? In a broader sense, the American pit technology solves economic barriers of time and space to connect the excess supply (physician capacity) with excess demand (for patients). This model can be adapted to other industries such as legal and accounting services? In addition, the U.S. should continue to focus Well exclusively on its core product and become a leader in online care? "Hide
by Elie Ofek and Ron Laufer Source: Harvard Business School 28 pages. Publication Date: March 30, 2010. Prod. #: 510061-PDF-ENG

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American Well: The Doctor Will E-See You Now

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