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Describes the early development stage, drinks PowerWater, the company is ready to capitalize on the growing U.S. consumer demand for bottled water, and more specifically, to "clean water." Investors successfully negotiated exclusive rights and interests in trade secrets and industrial design to production and distribution of clean distilled water with oxygen, secured obligations of independent representatives, which are composed of national sales and contracts with co-packers, suppliers and distributors. As CEO, Kent Mawhinney, prepare the meetings of the Board, it must determine whether his CPA, it is estimated that the capital requirements correctly calculated before and after the monetary value for the company, analysis of the impact of the proposed alternatives to reconsider because of the possibility to see the if it still makes sense to him, and to determine whether other options for distilled, PowerWater oxygen in the water, there is a product of the common market, the main product is intended. This case is designed for undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial finance, and finance courses. We understand that this is a wide range of potential applications for business, but I think that in the case of rich data provide adequate information for the case to increase the value of the above courses. Professors use this case should already be, or should be to provide students with lectures and assigned readings on how to analyze business opportunities. This should include appropriate tools and models for the analysis of the business and the financial terms of evaluation. The author used the work of Jeffry Timmons and Michael Porter, as a basis for the discussion of this case. "Hide
by Jeffrey P. Shay, Bambi Duma, Tony Crawford, Josh Herbold Source: North American Case Research Association (NACRA) 24 pages. Publication Date: January 15, 2009. Prod. #: NA0028-PDF-ENG

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