Power Is the Great Motivator Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Power Is the Great Motivator Case Solution

Every organization needs to hire enthusiastic employees in the organization who give their best at work.  Most researchers believed that individuals who are committed,ambitious, highly self-motivated and have strong interpersonal skills give most to their organization and acquire most from their work. However, if the organization has a lack of worker motivation, then it affects the performance of the entire team and show its dramatic effect on employee’s lives. Furthermore, lack of energy, lack of team morale, high staff turnover, and lack of initiatives are some of the clues that create issues in creating motivation among employees. Therefore, the best way to motivate employees is to maintain a self-motivated action plan that would help the company in creating awareness and self-motivation among employees as well as assist them in achieving their organization's goals in an efficient manner.

This case highlights motivational factors for managers,which they adopt in order to achieve organizational goals and objectives. The primary concern of the researchers is to highlight factors that motivate people and help them in achieving success in their small businesses. Need for achievement is the key drivers for the success of managers who motivate them to achieve their desired objectives by giving their best in work. Researchers state that a successful manager is the one who has the strong desire to attain goals and lead people to behave in customs that do not mainly cause good organization. Moreover, the primary purpose of leader is to concentrate on personal improvements, which motivates employees to do things themselves. Furthermore, managers always focus on short-term performances which help them in analyzing the performance of workers who perform their duties in an efficient manner. In addition, manager do not always perform all functions by themselves. However, they lead the group of people that help them in achieving their goals in an efficient way in a short period. In inspirational terms, the successful manager should have a need for power rather than the desire to attain it. Most researchers concluded that the leader of the organization should have a high need for power,which would help him or herein influencing people. The manager should be controlled and disciplined, so that it is aimed at near the advantage of the organization as a complete, not just before the manager's individual enhancement. Additionally, a top leader’s need for power should be greater than his or her need to be liked.

There are three primary social motives of the managerial group, which includes achievement, affiliation, and influencing power.

  • Achievement: "better" = competence, creativeness and enhancement
  • Affliction: "friendliness"= belonging, understanding, adequate to be found.
  • Influence/Power: "Influence"= effects on others, manipulating

In order to analyze the concern of individual about power, achievement, and affiliation;the management team introduced the performance indication tools that would help the managers in evaluating the right person for the right job as well as promote the right individual for the right job position that better fit with the current position. Moreover, in order to better understand the managerial styles of an individual, the management team hands over a list of questionnaires to the individual in which they have to select whether how they would grip a variety of practical work condition in workplace session. Furthermore, after taking the reviews of the individuals, the management teams then divide answers of the individuals into six management styles, which include coaching, democratic, pace setting, authoritarian, afflictive, and coercive................

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