Polaris Life Insurance Company: Corporate Governance Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Commisioner of Insurance for Arlandia who was recently designated, is committed in doing everything possible to diminishtheir potential destabilizing effects as well as insolvencies on the nation's financial system. The commissioner comes with an urgent demand to immediately get up to speed on the Polaris Life Insurance scenario.

Questions regarding the business soundness have already been raised by the minister of finance, and the Arlandia Insurance Authority's on-site inspectors have shown deep concern in regards to the investment portfolio of the company. Develop strategies for how an insurance authority should carry on, the commissioner now needs to brief the minister of finance about the situation and consider advocating additional regulatory changes. Norma Nielson and writers Lawrie Savage are affiliated with University of Calgary.

Polaris Life Insurance Company Corporate Governance Case Study Solution


This is just an excerpt. This case is about FINANCE & ACCOUNTING

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Polaris Life Insurance Company: Corporate Governance

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