Planning Care & its Assessment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Interview of Chosen Elder Adult

Age: 65
Gender: Male

Introduction & Information

A 65 year old man, Mr. Who, who has been an artist since his adulthood and was famous for his melodious voice and poetic nature as well. He has visited many places within his country and worldwide as well. Throughout his life, he has been found to be an energetic, purposed and valued person who has a lot of positive vibes regarding life. He has 2 sons and one daughter and his wife died 18 years ago after a long encounter with diseases like hypertension and Parkinson’s disease. Mr. Who and the family were in deep sorrow after the death of Mrs. Who in the year 2000. After her death, he was the only person who was responsible to look after his 3 kids and this is why he just focused to give his time, attention, & care to their children. This is why he first decided to take the care of his own so he might be able to look after the kids more attentively. As it was already mentioned that he is an artist and a natural poet, so it would be easy for you to understand the viewpoint more easily and clearly. According to him, in a life where a person has a purpose of living, makes people able to maintain the routine tasks and independency to old age. Although he lost the closest relation one can have, but still he believed that life is all about going on and on. Research also indicated that a purposeful life is vital for well-being and risk of diseases could be minimized along with the better health and sleeping patterns. In the US, the number of elder age people is increasing very fast.

-      Preliminary issues

Following are the possible issues related to this case: The main expected issue is risk of Falling, sleeplessness, backache and constipation.

Since the score cleared that the risk of falling to the patient is moderate, it means neither the patient is at high risk or at low risk. But as we know that the age factor is also influential and it might be of chance after some time to have this risk suddenly and severely increased. In most of the elderly people, insomnia or sleeplessness is more common than the other age individuals. The problem in toileting could be possible and backache and stiffness, difficulty in standing and then, walking would be possible. At last, there is a high risk of constipation and bowel issues.

Furthermore, there would be the possibility of depression and stress conditionsare also there because he has no one to speak up to his heart with.

Care and proper dietary intake should be taken to minimize the risk of any disease.The person should have to take someone with him while moving somewhere as he is already aged.

-      Alterations in health

Following are the three alterations in health provided by the viewer which could be the possibilities in this case:

  1. Loss of taste buds.
  2. Intestinal problems.
  3. Difficulty in speaking.............

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