Pine Ridge Winery LLC (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

George Scheppler, president and CEO of Pine Ridge Winery, LLC, (¬ęthe Company") was sitting in his office overlooking the vineyards steep Pine Ridge Winery in Napa Valley. It was in June 2005, and he was preparing for an upcoming board meeting, at which he will discuss the long-term plan of the company with its owner, Leucadia National Corporation Leucadia, respected diversified holding company, was 2004 revenue of $ 2.3 billion. The company was in 2004 revenues of $ 13.8 million from two wineries: Pine Ridge Winery (Pine Ridge) in California and Archery Summit Winery (Archery Summit) in Oregon.
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by Lauren Barley, Joseph B. Lassiter Source: Harvard Business School 24 pages. Publication Date: November 23, 2005. Prod. #: 806060-HCB-ENG

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Pine Ridge Winery LLC (A)

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