Pitch, from the founders of Wunderlist1 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Pitch, from the founders of Wunderlist1 Case Study Solution

Apart from this, there is a market opportunity present that can be met by the other players in the future, or even by Microsoft itself, eliminating the chance of developing a successful business in the market. Though developing a plan to target and disrupt the market of Microsoft is risky and requires substantial financial support and expertise, however, addressing the market gap with the right set of offerings may allow Reber to develop a concrete strategy leading to the development of a substantial ownership and differentiated offerings plan, making it a successful business in the market.

Also, it can be said that by developing a product in competition to PowerPoint may allow the similar software and even Microsoft to improve its offerings and the programs, enhancing the level of technology and convenience for the customers. Moreover, it can make the market intense for a short period of time, however, in the long-term, such healthy competition can allow Reber to maintain and elevate the value proposition to remain on the top of mind position in the minds of the customer.

Lastly, taking high risk for the substantial opportunity is the key to successful entrepreneurial activity and entrepreneurs are required to take such risks in order to become a successful business in the market. Since greater will be the risk greater will be the return , it is suggested that Reber has taken the right decision to invest in the new project having an ability to compete with the Microsoft product in the market. Though it may remain unprofitable in the initial years, however, capturing the unmet market demands will make the business flourish and successful leading to the development of blue ocean strategy or competitive edge in the market. (Lunden, 2018).........


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Pitch, from the founders of Wunderlist1

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