Physics Assignment Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Question 1

A shocking Note Hawking published in 1975, as a quantum theory account; hold it seems that black holes are not completely black. Instead, they have the potential to grow somewhat with the support of Hawking radiation with an inclusion of neutrinos, photons and less extent to include all kinds of massive particles.

This has never occurred, because the black hole from which we have experience is those who only have a lot of hot gas fall for them, with their radiation this small effect would get flooded. In fact predicted Hawking that it would grow as a black body temperature if the mass of the black hole M solar masses.

A high chance of electron-positron arises is if they are formed when an electron (e-) and a positron (e +) collide in a particular environment as both these collide each other electron-positron are formed

There are more opportunities for positron the black hole because of her positivity and the prediction made by hawking about black hole piping as a temperature ball, these predictions clearly states that the electrons exist are much more possible than positrons that're an indication that would escape the black hole electron escape.

Question 2

Wave-particle duality is found that a characteristic of electron also after the debate about whether light was composed of particles or waves was published. The description of light as waves was established at the turn of the century when evidence of a particle nature was introduced by the photoelectric effect.

The behavior of the electron does not allow to be respected as a wave or as a particle. Two-sided nature of an electron is known as the wave-particle duality. Although duality has no effect on the very large business implies the characteristics of electron wave many of the electron particle behavior. The behavior of particles and the feature of waves behave like particles as well as waves.

Energy is radiated in quanta, small packets of energy, instead of a continuous emission measurement. Energy is emitted and released to the frequency of the light emitted. QE relates to the frequency as according to the Planck hypothesis E = hv.

When the electron kinetic energy are released, also released by them. Classical wave theory States that the level of energy directly proportional to the level of intensity is. Higher the higher the energy intensity. The energy of a wave is directly proportional to its amplitude it was not clear for scientists to find brighter light with higher intensity and affected not kinetic energy.

Question 3

Electric current is a flow of electric charge. The charge is initiated and ions, electrons and electrolyte start moving in a wire in electrical circuits. The measuring electrical current unit is ampere, which measure the flow of electric charge on a surface flow of one coulomb per second. The measurement is done by a measuring instrument called ammeter.

Since there is a chain of electrical charges are emitted via a closed circuit that the power for the electric current is carried out by means of a wire and the length of the wire is the path for the electrical charge to flow and the longer the wire the longer the road for the charged particles flow and it would take more time for the charged electrons to complete an entire circuit via a longer thread.

Longer wires make the circuit any longer and the path for the current flow is bigger and the circuit changes the currents directions such as it completes or improves the flow of current through the wire.Physics Assignment Case Solution

Question 4

The relationship between reality and observation is based on what is called the "Copenhagen interpretation" of quantum mechanics since it was proposed by Niels Bohr and other physicists working in that city. A more colorful and memorable reference, but is probably a based on a thought experiment, making a cat in a box along a device that activated by a single particle quantum behavior.

If activated the device kills the cat. Since quantum theory says that the particle behavior is indeterminate until her chance Golf on observation collapses, the cat can be considered as both living and dead at the same time until the boss is open and one or the other condition is met. This view of nature is of course speculative and raises questions about what kind of observer is needed...................................

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