Jim Lander at Thamesford Logistics Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Operations manager, who is in the share capital Thamesford logistics prepares himself for what he believes will be a tough conversation with the chief financial officer of Thamesford Logistics (CFO) for the current project, despite the fact that the operating manager has a legal dispute with the Chief Financial Officer other transactions. In the recent past, the operating manager and chief financial officer were partners are trying to package and sell the mining project on behalf of the mine owners. The agreement between the two expired, and chief financial officer continued to push the project forward, reducing the operational manager of the funds. Dispute over ownership of the rewards for success has led to the claim of the operating manager in relation to finance. Meanwhile, Thamesford Logistics is trying to get a competitor in Montreal. This pending transaction requires an operating manager and chief financial officer to work on the deal. Operating manager thinks about how he should approach the meeting with chief financial officer, he should say that he would not have said, and what he wanted to achieve by the end. "Hide
by Michael Sider, Ken Mark Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 5 pages. Publication Date: November 13, 2009. Prod. #: 909M90-PDF-ENG

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Jim Lander at Thamesford Logistics

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