Peter Welz: When a Marquee Prospect Plays Hardball (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes the tough tactics to Peter Welz who seek to negotiate a contract, or take a break with a much larger potential customer. Welz counterpart team headed Preston Spitzer, as you know, tough player who is fully aware of the benefits of his massive hand in the process. From the economic fate of the newly public company Welz less in balance, Welz and his team must figure out how to deal with some very tough tactics Spitzer and his followers aimed at extracting concessions lopsided contract. This tactic includes derogatory remarks, repeatedly threatened to make a choice in favor of a competitor, misrepresentation, failure of previously agreed terms, last minute demands, divide and conquer is moving and waiting game, which uses smaller firms clearly an urgent need for closure. (A) case sets talks and poses an immediate tactical problem in the context of the overall process. (B) case describes the strategy, tactics, and the results of these negotiations, along with in-depth analysis of Welz more productive approach to the general problem of dealing with a very tough bargainers. "Hide
by James K. Sebenius, Ellen Knebel Source: Harvard Business School 4 pages. Publication Date: September 24, 2007. Prod. #: 908010-PDF-ENG

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Peter Welz: When a Marquee Prospect Plays Hardball (A)

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