Passover in Costa Rica Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This simple case enables students to analyze a supply chain coordination issue in the context of a two-level supply chain with a supplier and a retailer. The case analyzes a retailer's decision about its optimum order amount from his supplier when the provider and the retailer are part of the same business and the difference between the unified choice and this decentralized choice reached.
Passover in Costa Rica Case Study Solution

The case subsequently asks students to locate the optimal supply chain contracts which will coordinate the supply chain. This case can be used to teach supply chain coordination and the newsvendor model and contracts in operations management lessons that include a supply chain module or in classes. It can be used together with "Note on Optimal Ordering Strategies and Supply Chain Coordination" (UV1087).


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Passover in Costa Rica

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