North America Financial Corporation: The MLM Project (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

North America Financial Corporation: The MLM Project (A) Case Study Analysis

This resulted in the loss of control and the requirement of an increased price demand by CeresOpt. Ron Samson – the team leader of CeresOpt represented the reason behind such failure, which was that the specifications provided by the organization were either wrong or lacked information. Due to this reason, the interface was done for about three times, and every time they had to go back and start over. Around 88 percent of the existing components of applications had been completely modified or rewritten; however, it was not considered as the key objective of the original plan.

In contradiction, the criticism of CeresOpt was due to the high turnover of staff members (about 50 percent) which resulted in the lack of competency and consistency. The outcome of such issues led towards the occurrence of some unexpected incidents. Such as the rupture of a fiber-optic cable linked with the head office building of NAF-BP, which was the house of all the equipment of central IT. Similarly, failure of development served through dust infiltration in the server room, which resulted in the issues by a construction contractor for the isolation of ventilation system connected to two adjoining rooms. Thus, many strategic failures had negatively impacted the progress of the MLM project.

Action Plan:

The action plan for the recovery of project progress would mainly include the following steps:

Project Evaluation:

The step of project evaluation is associated with the project operations conducted so far. For this purpose, the organization would require stopping all the activities that are currently being performed by both functional as well as the technical teams. This is considered an important factor to determine the flaws of the project.

Analyze the Key Findings:

The analysis of key findings tends to be based on the project evaluation, which would be analyzed by an expert team. This is to ensure that there are no issues in the process and the technical skills of the team members. Rather it is concerned with the identification of the gap, which contributed to such poor performance of the project.

Gap Evaluation:

For the evaluation of identified gaps; the organization would call on meeting with both functional as well as the technical team members. The purpose of evaluating the gaps is known to be based on the evaluation of the each team member’s experience, while working on MLM projects and their perception regarding how things have gone wrong.


Based on the analysis of the project; the management team would be required to focus on unidentified issues. Similarly, the management would bring changes in the schedule to resolve the issues and continue with the efficient performance of both team members and the program.


Based on the analysis of the study, the organization is recommended to consider the process of employee training within the organization, because it is an undeniable fact that the functional team of the bank took longer to complete its work, which led towards an increased program delay. Similarly, the  team lack clearance regarding the strategical approach. Training of employees tends to serve as a potential approach to bring a significant reduction in the employees’ turnover rate, in  order to bring an improvement in technical and communication skills. Similarly, the organization can also experience improvement in the quality level, which would bring a reduction in the failures enforcing the CeresOpt team to start over and over again. Additionally, the involvement of team members by improving communication tends to result in improved relationships among the functional and technical teams, who are responsible to develop the MLM system.


Considering the fact that the aim of the MLM project was primarily based on bringing significant improvement in the quality of customer service. The bank has been represented continuously with negative outcomes and issues regarding the completion of the project on time. One of the key factors that tends to be associated with an insignificant progress of the project mainly includes communication issues. Thus, the organization is recommended to focus on itsevaluation of the exploited resources and bring significant improvement in the process..............................


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