Orb: The Next Big Thing (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Orb: The Next Big Thing (A) Case Solution

Parts (B) and (C) cover Orb in 2006 and 2007. Subjects consist of: 1) Brand-new item and function advancement, 2) Technique and item pivots, 3) Consumer acquisition versus item use, 4) Advertising and marketing chances and obstacles, and 5) choices about offering a business. Part (B) and (C) of the case are for trainer usage just.

Knowing Goal

Mentor goals consist of: 1) Acquainting trainees with the considerable quantity of unpredictability start-ups deal with 2) Contrasting individuals vs. function viewpoint of marketing activity in a start-up 3) Testing expectations about exactly what makes up a "excellent endeavor" 4) Unmasking the misconception that to become effective a start-up ought to concentrate on reaching a vital "x" variety of users, and 5) Thinking about the true "expense of capital" of venture money, which frequently suggests a "boom or bust" situation.

This case is split into 3 parts. Part (A) covers the early difficulties Orb had with user adoption, unanticipated innovation obstacles, and its awareness that it was not going to go viral-- a minimum of not as the business and item existed at that time. At the end of 2005, Orb had about 300,000 users, and it had to choose its next relocation. It might keep pressing the item to customers-- possibly by itself or with partners; look for partners in the B2B area and supply streaming architecture; or perhaps stop and aim to offer the business for the innovation.

In 2003, the small start-up Orb created a development innovation. Through its software application, every kind of media on a PC (consisting of music, pictures, and videos) might be streamed from another location to any mobile phone free of charge. Orb likewise made it possible for users to stream live TELEVISION onto their PCs and mobile phones. This was a technological accomplishment in the days prior to the iPhone and other smart devices. When Orb introduced in 2005, it won the "Next Big Thing" award from the prominent tech publication CNET. It had actually been a difficult innovation to establish, and with such favorable press, Orb viewed and waited on the innovation to go viral.

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Orb: The Next Big Thing (A)

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