Ondademar: Catching The Next Wave… (Abridged) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Leleux, Benoit F.; Jansen, Bryony

It was precisely in 2004 that Luc Gerard was officially offered to the world of personal equity. In comparison to the United States and Europe, Latin America was still mostly unexploited by personal equity, and this despite of the truth that local economies were growing lots of and quick effective business were prospering and rising. Colombia was plainly ripe for personal equity however with no tested financial investment experience to their names, Luc and his partner Gerardo León were not in a position to draw in financiers right away.
Ondademar Catching The Next Wave… (Abridged) Case Solution

With these perceptible offers under their belts, they continued to legitimately raise funds for Tribeca Private Equity Fund I. By early 2008, Tribeca ran a group of 20 workers, had 5 business in portfolio and handled dedications of close to US$ 330 million, making it one of the biggest personal equity funds in Latin America. How do you stabilize the chances of such an open financial investment environment with the clear challenges to personal equity deals? How do you develop a strong offer pipeline, acquiring approval in a market not accustomed to personal equity deals?

Subjects: Private equity; Fund management; Track record; Latin America; Colombia; Growth capital; Raising capital; Investment management; Reputation
Settings: Colombia; Latin America ; Private Equity; Fashion; Energy; Healthcare ; 20 employees ; 2006-2008

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Ondademar: Catching The Next Wave… (Abridged)

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