Ondademar: Catching The Next Wave… Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Leleux, Benoit F.; Jansen, Bryony

In the Summer of the year 2006, Luc Gerard along with his Tribeca group had in reality invested months talking to Álvaro Arango, the co-managing partner of Colombia-based swimsuit business OndadeMar. Tribeca had actually targeted the brand name as a possible business to get. Throughout the duration, Alvaro managed the talks on behalf of the business.
Ondademar Catching The Next Wave... Case Study Solution

She was likewise plainly the heart and skill of the business. She might not care less about the company concerns; she desired to continue to be with OndadeMar. He had actually targeted OndadeMar as the very first structure block of Tribeca Fashion, one of 3 pillars of the brand-new personal equity fund he had actually simply raised in Colombia.

Subjects: Private equity; Growth financing; Buyouts; Acquisitions; Brand building; Brand management; Retailing; Fashion; Textile; Swimwear
Settings: Colombia; South America ; Swimwear; Textile; Fashion ; 25 employees ; 2006-2009

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Ondademar: Catching The Next Wave…

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