NIDO Nutrition System (NNS) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-5-0719 © 2008
Kashani, Kamran; Sjöblom, Susan

The re-introduction comprised of a broader commodity offering under the brand umbrella, in further addition to advanced communication and packaging. The promotion team rolled out this value-added product in different markets, going back to the drawing board when they were confronted with failure and sharing learnings across markets. These initiations finally caused a significant impact in the profitableness of the brand. Learning objectives: The case can be used with one or more of the other instances in the chain on advertising initiation.
NIDO Nutrition System (NNS) Case Study Solution

Subjects: Marketing innovation; Revitalizing a mature brand; Global marketing; Line extension; Marketing implementation
Settings: Asia; Africa; South America; Food and dairy products; Powder milk; Nestlé 2007 Sales: CHF 107.6 billion; Employees: 276,050; 1998-2002

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NIDO Nutrition System (NNS)

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