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ChemChina is the largest in China's major chemical manufacturing company. It was listed in the Fortune Global 500 in 2011 and 2012, ranked number 475 and 402. Its revenue in 2011 was 179 billion yuan, a profit of 600 million yuan. At year end, total assets were 254.2 billion yuan. The main products are ChemChina basic chemicals, new chemical materials, oil and refined products, agricultural chemicals, rubber products, and chemical equipment. The company has106 subordinate enterprises. Its manufacturing and R & D bases are in 140 countries and territories around the world. Looking in retrospect, ChemChina was rapidly growing and is one of a small number of Chinese enterprises based upon economic reforms and quickly growing to enter the Fortune Global 500 in 20 years. The history of ChemChina from zero to global giant, and its strategic measures adopted during the process is characterized by the unique features of both himself and deeply stamped with those times, reflecting the changing environment faced by Chinese enterprises in economic years of the transition period and the strategic movement made creatively Chinese local enterprises to adapt to environment.Unquestionably, ChemChina is representative of the "big, but less strong" companies behind the world's leading chemical giants in terms of technology and management. Nevertheless, its historical development, to become a Fortune Global 500 giant and the leading chemical companies in China in less than 30 years is enough to motivate us to explore its unique history, current reality and future. Today, ChemChina poses problems of internal integration and combating financial stringency. New opportunities exist, in particular, Blackstone has strategic partner of BlueStar. «Hide
by F. Warren McFarlan, Donghong Li, Lei Li, Hong Zhang Source: Tsinghua University 18 pages. Publication Date: November 8, 2012. Prod. #: TU0028-PDF-ENG

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