New Leaders for New Schools Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes the base, early growth, and expansion plans of new leaders for new schools, non-profit education companies, which recruits, trains, places and supports the principles in the areas of the U.S. urban schools. This case is of strategic, financial and operational issues that arise as the new leaders of the "top management is trying to move their organization from the start two years after the establishment of the company, in a mature and fully stabilized company able to influence national reform of school management practices. Focusing largely the choice of new leaders "of ten between the two alternative growth strategies. One plan calls for new leaders to expand aggressively about $ 100 million of foreign investment, opening the main recruitment and training programs across the country, reaching millions of students through its main building. The alternative plan provides for new leaders, the smaller and more focused organization that works closely with selected school districts and charter school operators to demonstrate the impact on student performance of a well-designed practice of school leadership. "Hide
by Stig Leschly Source: Harvard Business School 29 pages. Publication Date: 29 October 2002. Prod. #: 803073-PDF-ENG

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New Leaders for New Schools

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