Nestlé S.A. (A): Should Nestlé Nutrition Be A Separate Business? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Buechel, Bettina; Killing, Peter

In October 2003 Luis Cantarell, head of Nestlé's Nutrition Strategic Business Department (NSBD), got ready for a crucial executive management conference. The NSBD was not just an essential motorist in assisting Nestlé recognize its vision of ending up being a Nutrition, Health and Health business however was likewise related to an expectation of above typical contributions to group development and revenue through its core business of Nutrition.

The crucial choice dealing with executives at the conference was which business design would perfectly have the ability to provide the CEO's vision. Should the Nutrition department end up being a separate, individual business with P&L responsibility or remain to run as it is?

Subjects: Translation of vision; Business model; Organization design; Implementation; Managing change
Settings: Worldwide; Food; Nutrition; 2004 revenues USD 76,660 million; 2001-2004

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