Nanpo (Holdings) Limited: Initial Public Offering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Nanpo (Holdings) is a Chinese food distributor from Hong Kong, it is contemplating its initial public offering for the Hong Kong’s stock market. Nanpo was founded in 1981 with the goal to be the only provider of fresh water fish, poultry, livestock, and fruit and vegetables that are yielded from Guangdong. Nanpo has built its reputation with the passage of time being a revered company with a good market share in similar food groups and with a supply channel of more than 500 wholesale outlets. Chinese government too reassured its exclusivity as a distributor very recently.

The leadership at Nanpo adopted an aspired strategy to grow, which means that the firm will build new facilities to process their produce and initiate with its own retail outlets and restaurant so as to better serve its clients. The management of Nanpo has engaged a local merchant bank, Hinson Capital, as its lead underwriter and has determined to float 25% of the firm. Three weeks away from the planned IPO, a director of Nanpo, Jack Yang, is reviewing the details of pricing.

Publication Date: 08/16/1999

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