NanoGene Technologies Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Description of the company at an early stage and focus on the solutions of the founders of the splitting of justice and compensation. Also seen the establishment of policies and practices that will set the tone for the company as it grows. Discusses a number of specific issues, including the steps: the splitting of equity and compensation of the founders of the team and subsequent staff, design of compensation and employment for the young firm, having decided that the corporate culture should be and how to institutionalization, and the decision to hire a high-level employee - first employee nonfounder -. for wages higher than the similar and equitable distribution, the founders of "Hide
by Michael J. Roberts, Linda A. Cyr Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 11 pages. Publication Date: February 24, 2003. Prod. #: 803117-PDF-ENG

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NanoGene Technologies Inc.

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