Naming the Edsel (Condensed) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Reveals an interesting and unusual story for choosing Ford "Edsel" as a new brand for its ill-fated 1957 launch of a new product. Noteworthy, perhaps, the most extensive, creative and politically naming stories on record. Although non-traditional approaches to the generation of names (for example, correspondence with popular poet of the time) and more traditional research tools (eg, surveys of consumers to study top-mind brand associations and oppositions, the advertising agency brainstorming) to contribute to the naming decision, it's postponed in the direction of the Chairman of the Board, which makes the unilateral decision to use the "Edsel" in the last hour.

aes harvard case solution

aes harvard case solution

This name is a choice against both consumer research that indicates a problem with the name and beliefs sons Edsel, who feels that their father can not his name to be used, thus revealing the aesthetic quality of the naming decision. "Hide
by Susan Fournier, Andrea Wojnicki Source: Harvard Business School 8 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 2001. Prod. #: 502034-PDF-ENG

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Naming the Edsel (Condensed)

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