Kiaidzan Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The case illustrates the entrepreneurial activity of the KidZania in Mexico and Japan. The business model is designed to offer the experiential services to the children where they experience the real city environment and accts as an individuals in the Place.The place is designed carefully toofferthe customers(Children) the real life city experience where they areoffered Kidzos (Kidzania) money to spend and also earn while working in the artificial environment.The model has been designed so succinctly and precisely, that it depicted an actual role paly of the children whilein the city.

Such model has been initiated in the market to offerthe parentandthe children’s the learning experience so to trainthe children while making the activities as a part of edutainment hence improving the skills and learning of the children and adults.On pursuing the business model and target strategy, the company mainly targeted the children between 4 to 14 yearswhile also targeting the adult and parents by offering the customized eservices and role paly in the environment.The main aim of the business has been to train and educate the children by experientialtraining model and to offer them a real experience of the city addition t thus, the company also incorporated the models such as Cuicuilco for the blind children trained by the Blind Zupervisors.

Though the company face rigorous Competition from the Disney however it maintained the value proposition by offering a different experienced the children helping them to build the adult skillsandanalysis while living into the city.This basically integrate the model to behavioral training andself-learning concept while incorporating the entertainment into the model.

Keywords:  Experiential Marketing, Kidzos, SWOT Analysis, service Marketing, Behavioral training.


Kidzania is an experiential edutainment model designed for children of age between 4- 14 years to role play the adults in the city and to learn by experiencingthe real life situation in the artificially developed environment.The company inaugurated the model to offerthe children Education and entertainment through model.In doing so, it joined hands with wall art, American AIRLINES to offer the company with the resources and expertise in designing next to realsituationand scenarios for the children.

Kidzania incorporated the model of learning by doing in to the business which attracted the school,parent for summer camps and regular based entertainment productive activities.The company developed a clear value propositionand market brand image by hiring the undergraduates and graduatesstudents and some seniors with the energy patience and love foe children to train and supervise the childrenwhile in Kidzania Zone.This required the company to train the staff carefully to deal with children.Moreover, to makethe operations effectiveand cost efficient, the company hired thestaff based on seasonal demand, this reduced the overall costof hiring and allowedcompany tomanagethe turnover effectively.

Since kidzania entered into the entertainment industry it face the direct andintensecompetition from Disney model that offers the knot same but unitesimilarconceptservices to the customers having large revenues and expertise.However, the companyhas developed a strong value proposition by incorporating the concept of self-learningandindependent act in the models Disney is all about reunions with family and family time, the Kidzania is about offering the scenarios and learning away from parental guide to develop the self-confidence and learning to acts an individual’sadult in the environment.....................................................

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