Motorola-Elma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Old car company Motorola electronics factory in Arcade, outside Buffalo, New York, faced with the prospect of closing in the mid-1980s, but leading clients persuaded Motorola, to give the plant a second chance. The new plant manager, Dennis Fiehn, acknowledged that the practice had to change if the plant was to remain competitive. He pressed for fewer supervisory layers, flexible work borders, cross-training, team production, and enhanced problem solving. The transition to a modern plant in nearby Elma (1989) coincided with a new corporate push to improve the quality and cycle time goals and a collective management. Soon the operator to perform functions that were previously limited to managers, technicians and skilled workers. Managers, now the team's leaders, delegate more responsibility and become more like coaches. The plant is now recognized as a strong performer and earmarked for expansion. "Hide
by Janis L. Gaughan, Shoshana Zuboff, Gloria Schuck, Michael J. Handel Source: Harvard Business School 16 pages. Publication Date: May 10, 1994. Prod. #: 494136-PDF-ENG

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