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Minder soft seems to be an organization with noteworthy upside potential. Minder soft has five arranged product offerings that are particularly customized based on client’s needs; two of their product offerings, Home Minder and Car Minder, have significant national backers in Lowe's and Jiffy Lube. Microsoft's Growth Minder product offering seems to have potential since it particularly targets clients in view of individual needs, which may emerge at various phases of child development.

Minder soft has a critical upper hand over comparative organizations; in that they are ahead of schedule in the business sector and as of now, have national supporters. Clients and supporters will get used to Minder Soft's offerings with all data situated in one spot, which will prevent end clients and supporters from evolving administrations.

Minder Soft's administration team likewise has a demonstrated reputation in both database promoting and PC item advancement in different commercial enterprises, which is an extra advantage for the organization, its clients, and financial specialists.

The new CEO of the company got the offer from Novak Biddle (the venture capitalist firm) of total investment of $ 2 million that would result $ 5 million in the post money value of the firm. Chapin (CEO) was very much satisfied with the offer and he believed that pre money valuation would be $ 10 million, due to company’s satisfactory profits in previous years.

Therefore, the objective of the case is to analyze the problems and provide reasonable recommendation by considering its strengths and weaknesses. Along with this, the founder has to decide whether to accept or reject the offer through fund’s valuation, by using venture capital method and discounted cash flow method.

Problem Statement: 

A major problem faced by the company is the use of internet; to get access to the personal information, which most of people feel nervous to provide the information, since internet business is very volatile.

Another problem is the use of internet push software. It is considered as a doubtful medium because it is a sophisticated marketing database that selects only a few sponsors, who are connected only with the channels and some others need to sign in for accessing to the customers. It sometimes develops the problem of losing the customers due to disturbance of advertisements on the person’s computer.

Analysis of the problem

While Mindersoft seems to have impressive preferences and qualities, but the web or internet businesses are extremely unstable. In the late 1990's, this innovation was doubtful and could worry a few people about giving customized data on the web. Moreover, Mindersoft is ahead of schedule into this business sector, and in the event that they do not secure the internet, it would lead to an increase in the competitive market globally.

The company has instilled trust in each customer and sponsors and they do not want to switch to competitors because Minder soft provides users the access to sign in with sponsors and it developed a strong relationship with vendors and the promotions of the products. The only problem that company may face includes the failure of sponsoring the top-tier, which would lead to difficulty in use of the push software.

Therefore, the company was feeling the problem of internet push software that would move the competitors in other industries in order to get success and profits. The management considers that promotions and modest authority would be mitigated by this roll out.

Discussion of possible solutions:

First of all, the company should take efforts for personal privacy through storing and the provision of third parties. The company should collect the information regarding products and offer valuable services by communicating with customers. Therefore, the company should use following methods for securing the services in the use of web technology.......................

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