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The given case study analysis discusses that achievements are never charged. If a new approach shows good results without great deficits, workers dismissals, and so forth, it means that it is good. A good thing about Mr. Sponza’s method is its versatility. He understands that there is no determined scheme for all companies that will certainly lead to good results. Each case along with problem is special this is why it needs an inventive approach. Moreover, he even uses different strategies to different shops (the scenario with Brake Shop). Here another advantage should be pointed out, Mr. Sponza’s particular meetings with employees system; when he saw a challenge, he examined it, discovered the causes he met using workers himself as a way to explain it personally without buck passing.


The condition addressed to the old System is that the overtime pay for the driver assigned towards the remaining vehicles that makes 16 million extra cost to the company. According to the report of financial Handle board, on an average day over half vehicles turned out responsible for servicing were from service, which means the additional amount of overtime covers the driver assigned towards the remaining vehicles. Coordination between the co-worker and management also requires improvement to fill gaps involving the labor and management which is assisted with diagnosis to the issues regarding each segment of shops for example, brakes and engine that endure loss and low profit.

Q1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the system that Mr. Sponza developed for the central repair facility?


An advantage of Mr. Sponza’s approach is that he did not dismiss workers from their jobs instead appointed new one, more experienced but he has discovered that getting labor active in the running of an operation is not only exciting and worthwhile, but also extremely worthwhile when it comes to improving productivity along with service quality.

If starting right from the beginning, it is necessary to point out the approach of Mr. Sponza, when he spent several weeks in order to understand and feel the proceedings after he was placed into charge. As he grasped, he could not manage himself that is why he set up eight management committees, experts that received rather obvious task, moreover, they were supported by monthly recommendations in the manager of ability. For sure, this led to some frightening of workers because of work standards changing. But if Mr. Sponza challenges external experts, it could provoke a problem because of their incomprehension of inside ‘environment’; on the other hand, the changes terrified the local experts. That means of which both situations have advantages as well as disadvantages.

Weaknesses, the engine shop faces difficulty in measuring output, the reason behind it is that shop’s credit for rebuilt engines was the same as their cost of buying new engines. Productive factor which is less than one indicates that the city could purchase new engine to spend  in order to rebuild them. The low productivity factor for Brakes also suggests that there is something wrong with the center. The department should identify the factors that are negative influence to brakes center, the center is not effectively contributed towards profit. The Management needs more involvement in the centers to diagnose the main reasons for brakes department for that, the management needs to communicate with the labor force........................

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