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Medical Dissertation Article Case Solution


The purpose of this article is to identify the importance of using the medical thesis and to analyze the new technological instruments that would enable to improve the health problems faced by the people all around the world. It has also been determined that with the use of the new technology, there is a vast shift towards the new trend and therefore, it allows every industry to improve its standards according to the certain given criteria.

However, the sudden technological changes have also allowed increasing research and development activities because with the help of these activities, the company can be able to save itself from making any losses.Therefore,in this case, the main focus is to know the medical improvements during the past couple of years and their importance towards the development phase in the industry, which can improve the economic results and to increase the awareness of using the new medical instruments to decrease the health problems.

In this article, it has been identified that the main focus will be on the new medical technology instead of determining the medical cases in the recent year. Therefore,with the object, every industry can improve its results by using the research on the medical sciences and to increase the awareness of using the results in order to survive in the economy.

From the following information, now comes the research part which a medical student would perform to (or “intending to”) analyze the importance of medical technology in the new era. Therefore,it shows that there are still many medical research departments around the world, which performed a vast research technique to determine the new results that would have an impact on the medical sciences and that can be considered as the key to success in the future medical operations.

The analysis shows that the technology contributes mostly to the business operations where there are various fields including the health, manufacturing, services, etc. Thus, in order to determine the better opportunity to expand the size of the industry in the new era. Detailed research is the main tool to optimize the results and contribute towards the implementation phase of every organization.

Therefore, in order to generate the desire results, proper research will help to increase the awareness of identifying the new era of technology and shows the feasibility to perform in the future because it can be the contribution towards the growth within an economy. However, in the recent years, these has been an increasing trend of using the most complex systems in the field of healthcare and finance and solely dependent on the IT technology systems.

In order to do so, research in IT will be required to assess the overall performance and its impact in the upcoming period. An IT system of healthcare is considered to be in the phase of research and therefore,the researchers will implement the results through the sudden techniques like quantitative and qualitative techniques to find out the accessibility and importance over the operations and the future concerns of the growth.

Moreover, there were different types of research implemented by the people regarding the proper use of medical instruments over the economy and improve the healthcare problems gradually. However,these researches were subjected to limited assessment due to the old technological systems. In contrast to that, a new technological era has enabled the Ph.D. students and the professional researchers to implement the new way to identify the importance of the new IT systems over the medical instruments and qualitative research byanalyzing the rates of the patient's overtime.

The use of medical informatics is somehow relevant to implement the new research because it is based on the new applications of the computer and other IT technologies. Furthermore, the healthcare activities can be analyzed by using the systems in order to determine the net outcomes that may have an impact on the patient's level as well as the durability of using the IT systems.......................

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