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Susan Johnson, founder and CEO of Medfield Pharmaceuticals, faced with conflicting recommendations for the extension of the patent term flagship products, Fleximat, scheduled to leave the patent in two years. With only three other products in the line of Medfield on drugs, one of which just received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval, strategic management of product pipeline is paramount. But the recent $ 750 million offer to buy the company entirely shifted her focus. With this offer, Johnson has the ability to go out of business on a high note. Before its recommendations, Johnson must determine the value of the company, with a thorough analysis of existing and potential future products. But it's more than just a financial decision, as Johnson and Medfield staff in general believe that the company is engaged in critical work. This case is intended for students, MBA, Executive Education and MBA Exec audience. He taught as a main course, "Financial Management and Policy", in the Darden Graduate School of Business Administration. "Hide
by Marc Lipson, Jenny Mead, Jared Harris Source: Darden School of Business 13 pages. Publication Date: November 14, 2011. Prod. #: UV5632-PDF-ENG

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Medfield Pharmaceuticals

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