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McKesson, a large and diverse distribution of medicines and health care IT company, is considering the development of new business proposals to help practitioners to remain independent. The company, with $ 122 billion in revenue in 2010, has just made its first foray into the health services with the acquisition of U.S. Oncology, Cancer Treatment integrated company whose experience he could use in the sentences served by other medical specialties. With a huge portfolio of products and services, offering a broad range of health care stakeholders, McKesson a unique opportunity to understand and capitalize on the business needs of health. With the recent passage of health care reform add to the pressure already squeezing health care industry, including new payment model requires significant coordination and IT capabilities are independent doctors move en masse to large health care organizations, the rejection of a particular model of practice. McKesson has the potential to provide them with an alternative. McKesson is a very large company with several autonomous business units, making the prospects of cooperation in order to create a "multi-disciplinary" offers for independent practice hard. In addition, it will lead to potentially expand McKesson in clinical care (and possibly risk sharing) business, strategic advantages that can be negotiated. Given the uncertainty in the physician practice environment, the ideal form of solutions to help these customers is uncertain, and the competition with other assortment of products can be better than that of McKesson to provide it. Finally, it may be too late, in general, to reverse the trends of blurring the particular model of practice. "Hide
by Regina E. Herzlinger, Natalie Kindred Source: Harvard Business School 40 pages. Publication Date: 04 Oct 2011. Prod. #: 312002-PDF-ENG

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