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What very-specific recommendations would you offer to MasterMind consulting to improve their partnership selection technique and process?

Partnership selection technique and processes

There are several things that MasterMind Consulting needs to improve in order to make their partnership selection process better as currently their method of partnership selection is not appropriate and suitable. The selection process should be based upon the performance of the employees in the organization.

It is important in the selection of partnership for the MasterMind to identify the high potential employees and the top performers who performed outstanding during the past few years instead of relying on the comments from other partners to make their final recommendation to accept, hold or reject the application. This would allow MasterMind Consulting to hire the most deserving candidate for the position of the partner that would help the company achieve higher results in the coming years.

In addition to this, it is also recommended that the company should include the factors that determine the expectation of the company for the position of partnership against the past and current performance of the partners who submit their application as a candidate. However, it is also necessary for the MasterMind consulting to develop the set of decision criteria in order to decide the partnership member among the entire available candidate.

These factors must include the candidate’s level of active participation in the company, their motivational level and how passionate is the candidate related to performing work, as well as the capability of the partners to manage the difficulty faced in the partnership position is also important for the partnership selection. These factors are to be taken into account as the MasterMind Consulting has not evaluated nor considered these factors while making recommendations for selecting the candidates, rejecting and holding the candidates for the reconsideration in the following years.

Furthermore, it is also recommended that the company should not completely rely on the comments that are made by the other partners for the candidates as this is depended upon the level of knowledge of the partners about the candidate which is not an accurate way for making selection decisions. The company needs to make the decision of the selection entirely after evaluating the performance of all the candidates that includes both past and current performances, while considering several other important factors that are discussed above for the partnership position.

However, it is recommended that it is also beneficial for the MasterMind Consulting to develop a list of the candidates on the basis of their skills and capabilities that are required for the selection along with their performance evaluation details.

Moreover, it is also recommended that MasterMind Consulting should give an equal chance to the women in the company for the position of the partnership instead of making their decision which is influenced by the gender stereotyping. This means that the company should avoid gender discrimination while making decision regarding the partnership position; instead, it should select the partnership member that is the best suitable candidate for the productivity of the company regardless of the candidate’s gender.

Following are the other important things that MasterMind Consulting needs to consider in order to improve their partnership selection technique and process:

  • The decision makers that are involved in the selection of partnership need to understand the abilities and capacities that are vital for the vacant position as well as also determine which candidates have those skills and abilities.
  • After identifying the candidates, it is important for the MasterMind Consulting to select the right candidate on the basis of decision criteria. The company could introduce various factors in their selection process that help them to select the partnership. These are:

Candidate relationship with employees

The relationship of the candidate with the other members of the company is the factor that the MasterMind Consulting should consider as this plays an important role in the success of the selection process. If the candidate has a strong relationship with the other members of the company then it would provide numerous benefits to the MasterMind Consulting.

Firstly, it could result in more productivity and increase in the efficiency of the workforce. Secondly, it reduces the conflict within the company and increases the worker’s satisfaction. Therefore, while selecting the candidate for the partnership position it is vital for the MasterMind Consulting to give this factor high priority.

Strength and weakness of the candidate

The decision makers must make their decision with full awareness and knowledge of each applicant's strengths and weaknesses instead of getting influenced by the positive and negative comments about the candidates from other partners whose judgment may be based upon their perceptions. Therefore, by analyzing each candidate’s strengths and weaknesses, this would help MasterMind Consulting to make the process of selection easy and effective...................................

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