McDonald’s Twitter Campaign: Hype Versus Reality Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In January 2012, the executive of online networking for the McDonald's Corporation (McDonald's) was tested with a difficult scenario. The company had recently initiated a substantial advertising campaign utilizing the Twitter hashtag "#MeetTheFarmers" to advance associations with family farms and nearby suppliers. Boosting a Twitter Promoted Trends expenditure, the executive had changed the hashtag from "#MeetTheFarmers" to "#McDStories" half of the way through the first day of the campaign launch. But, various spoilers utilized the hashtag to express negative remarks towards the company. A couple of days after the launch, the media began to run negative stories with ridiculing headlines and articles giving screenshots of the negative tweets yet no proof that clarified or put fitting context to the circumstance. The executive was faced with the situation to devise a superior tactic for McDonald's online networking battles with a specific end goal to stop stories and potential media after effects.

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McDonald’s Twitter Campaign: Hype Versus Reality

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