Marketing Retirement–or Staying On the Job Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In order to fulfil the legal obligations, financial packages give better incentive that retirement be voluntary. Although, management of a company has several ways to support retirement or to retain employees--within legal requirements and support the existing health insurance changes that becomes more desirable for an individual in case of retirement before the age of 65. A company has to concentrate on demographic realities, while utilizing these tools, that represent various companions of retirees to replace them. For the assessment of managers, a qualitative study among the HR analysts explored the approaches of companies on the selection between promoting retirement and promoting staying on the job and how it is achieved in order to sustain a workforce suitable for the job requirements. To promote the retirement the authors suggest to begin early to promote saving so that it would become better for the employees to retire and developing the retirement ‘product’ by varying choices to full-time work, including self-employment. On the other hand, to encourage staying on the job includes flexible schedules and performance appraisals to the individual’s needs who might retire otherwise.

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Marketing Retirement–or Staying On the Job

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