Marie Trellu-Kane at Unis-Cite (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Maria Trellu-Kane is trying to decide how Unis-Cite should respond to the statement by French President Jacques Chirac in 2005, a new national program of voluntary civil service. Since 1994 Trellu-Kane and her co-founders was to create and control the civil service program called Unis-Cite, in which young people, especially those from disadvantaged immigrants voluntarily nine months of his time to work on community projects. Based in Paris, France, Unis-Cite began to spread to other areas. With the announcement that the Government will provide funding to mobilize thousands of young volunteers, Trellu-Kane must decide how Unis-Cite will continue.
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by Michelle Anteby, Julie Battilana, Anne-Claire Pache Source: HBS 15 pages. Publication Date: June 13, 2007. Prod. #: 407106-PDF-ENG

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Marie Trellu-Kane at Unis-Cite (A)

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