EverTrue: Mobile Technology Development A Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Brent Grinna is the assessment of the various options for the development of technology to launch iPhone app, including the hiring of local programmers, search CTO, or outsourcing. He is only a little over two months before he presents his graduate program applications at Brown University, in the hope that they accept and fund his company, EverTrue. He lacks the technical expertise required to make the prototype itself, and therefore has to quickly select the best option. He is considering several ways to find a developer, including the hiring of local programming or using local application of the company, the use of outsourcing platform as freelancers, contract Dashfire, the company of a friend who charges the lowest fees for product development in exchange for the shares, or searching and hiring CTO or technical co-founder. Grinna should weigh issues such as cost, speed of development, preservation of capital, proximity and ease of collaboration and intellectual property management. The case provides a further opportunity to discuss the business models of global firms such as freelancers and Dashfire. "Hide
by William R. Kerr, Alexis Brownell Source: Harvard Business School 25 pages. Publication Date: January 23, 2013. Prod. #: 813122-PDF-ENG

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EverTrue: Mobile Technology Development A

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