Mama’s and Papa’s Brand Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The paper aims to provide the case analysis for Mamas and Papas Magazine while providing the problems statement for the company. The paper also provides the application of the PESTEL Analysis, SWOT analysis, and competitor’s analysis for a detailed analysis of Mamas and Papas magazine. Furthermore, the paper sheds light on the positioning and brand strategy along with the growth strategy for Mamas and Papas brand. Lastly, the paper aims to highlight the marketing plan for the brand and provides recommendations for the company.

Problem Statement

Even though an extensive research has been conducted for developing the marketing and advertisement strategies for Kwenta Media, the product Mamas and Papas magazine failed to create an impression in the eyes of its consumers. After the products remained on the shelves for a whole year, the company faces the future challenges regarding the magazine and needs to revise their target audience along with the marketing and branding strategies.

PEST Analysis


South African political situation is stable amongst the different African countries and is also considered as the emerging market for many companies around the world. Tax incentives have also been provided by the RSA government to encourage Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which may increase competition and job employment for their locals.


Due to the economic downturn in the year 2008-2009, the country has been facing low spending power amongst the people of the country. However, slight changes have been occurred upon the interest and inflation rate which have limited impact on the purchasing power. It is estimated that the magazine industry would have steady growth along with the inclusion of various competitors entering the market.


            In South Africa, a dominating percentage of black people outweigh the number of other ethnic and races group. However, there could be found many conflicts and racial inequalities. Since the target market for mamas and papas magazine are black people, therefore, the company has an edge as it markets the dominating population.


            The development of technology in South Africa and also in the magazine sector has become advanced as new machineries have been imported for the purpose of satisfying the demands of customers. Therefore, it is an opportunity for Kwenta Media to make improvements in their current business practices regarding the use of technology in increasing the value of its customers.

SWOT Analysis


Since the highest percentage of Black race is present in South Africa, therefore, the magazine is the first to target black women and men as other magazines had the target audience of white people. Mamas and Papas magazine is a premiere magazine which targets men along with women since the topic is related to childcare and parenting process. The magazine talks about the role of both parents in the development and growth of a child. The company also has the advantage of experiences (Motlekar the CEO herself has experience in entrepreneurship).


The product did not perform well in the market despite of huge advertisement and marketing budget as there was limited growth for the product. Due to recession, a decreased spending power had been monitored throughout the world which had also affected the South African market which also limited the overall magazine sales. Furthermore, the company is experiencing low profitability for its products as it failed to respond the advertising budget spent and remained in the shelves for 12 months. The company aimed at targeting a wider range of target audience of black women along with black men.


The platform of social media marketing is an untapped market which the company has yet to target. The particular target market could allow the mamas and papas magazine in gaining access to its potential target audience of newlywed couples and parents. Moreover, the company has the opportunity to other black populated countries where it could seek other potential customers. Therefore, the company can move towards other high growth African countries.


Since there has been an economic downturn in the year 2008, therefore, the effects could decrease the impact of the product in the longer run. In the first year the company had spent huge budget on advertisement and marketing expenses which did not yield much profits. Therefore, the expenses of the company could outperform its profitability in the longer run and may allow terminating the product..................................

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