LOYAL3: Own What You Love Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

LOYAL3 offers an extremely scalable social technology platform that makes stock ownership simple and affordable for a new class of individual investors. The Social Stock Plan of LOYAL3 empowers individuals to buy stock in their preferred companies with as little as $10 and no fees, in three measures. LOYAL3 also offers the Social IPO (TM), a stage that opens up IPO accessibility to people IPO stock were available on a first-come, first-served basis, at exactly the same cost and time as Wall Street. With its Stock Rewards(TMark) product, LOYAL3 empowers businesses to utilize their stock for brand-positive promotions to increase acquisition, engagement and faithfulness. LOYAL3 generates earnings from companies by helping them raise capital, bring low cost individual shareholders and create a deeper degree of brand engagement.

LOYAL3 Own What You Love Case Study Solution

LOYAL3 Disclosures: Our assignment will be to make it easier and more affordable for people to put money into the brands they know and adore. Own What You Love (registered company) symbolizes our core doctrine that there's kinship between individuals as well as the brands they understand -- and love! -- And that we should allow it to be possible that people were to invest more in many of their favorite brands.

Participants are not billed for enrollment, transactions, or account transfer, and aren't required to maintain a minimum account balance. Unused funds could be withdrawn at any moment, although IPOs demand a $350 minimum account balance. Purchases will include fractional or partial shares.

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LOYAL3: Own What You Love

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