Leveraging Solvay Group Culture with a Third Generation Intranet Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Impact of Intranet on Company’s Performance

            An intranet is the technology through which a network is built and maintained within the organization internally, providing different benefits to the organization like internet technology and different functions which could be used by the office staff.An intranet is not only limited to the information storage and retrieval, but also for increasing the flow of information and enhancing the communication, within the organization. Nowadays, many companies are working on implementing the intranet within the organization to allow the internal services and work tools. Intranet not only provided the information regarding the taskofthe staff of Solvay Group, in fact, it increased the flow of services and work tools which can be used to complete the task and increase performance of the company.

            The technology of intranet is considered to be great unifier and it offers different ways through which the text, graphics, sound and video could be used in increasing the performance of the organization. The intranet provides the information online, the flow of communication, exchange of information and automation. All these factors have great influence on the performance of the company and through this the productivity of the employee will also increase and hence, the company will achieve its goals.

Intranet and Organizational Dimensions

            The objectives of the intranet are increasing the flow of information and enhancing the communication within the organization. Moreover, it creates the platform for the employees to increase the performance and productivity. Mostly, the objective for implementation of intranets is that it will increase the flow of knowledge among the employees within the single organization. The intranet provides different tools for the organizational learning.

            The implementation of the intranet creates the possibilities for the workers in giving meaning to their actions. Through the intranet the functions like text such as reports, statistics, protocols, minutes and organizational members can give meaning to their actions. These interpretations can be understood and these are the roots of using an intranet. The use of intranet creates the opportunity of generating the kind of knowledge and through this the relationship of trust is created among the employees of the organization and develops the feeling of the belonging and mutual understanding.

Intranet creates the sense of routines, experiences and flow of information. Through intranet people share their interests, common goals, and increases the interaction between the employees, which results in a collaborative culture in the organization and also helps the organization toachieve its goals.An intranet is an effective tool for sharing the information and knowledge within the organization. The maximum value can be obtained within the organization through developing an information culture environment within the organization.Moreover, the cultural issues of information sharing and change in business processes must be addressed and solved via the management of the intranet as an information system and a business course. The shift of culture of information sharing is made by the means of intranet. Positive culture is the tool through which the problems could be solved, motivation is created and flow of information and knowledge is made to solve the problems within organizations.

Effect of Intranet onManagerial Behavior

            The intranet is used to increase the flow of information and communication within the organization. Intranet imposes different effects on the management and leadership of Solvay Group.Intranet can have an impact on the behavior of Solvay Group. Intranet has the influence on the managerial performance. The intranet system can be utilized to increase the performance of the management and leaders. The low utilization of the intranet increases the chances of low performance of the management of an organization. The impact ofthe intranet on the management of Solvay Group was the delegation. The delegation of the authorities can be useful for the organization.

            Intranet makes it easy for the management to increase the process of delegation in the organization.The leadership style followed was that all organization entities remained autonomously responsible for their intranet contents, they were granted the permission to append or delete content according to their needs and demands, information access, sharing structure and policy that would be imposed centrally. Information was accessible to the whole intranet community. The management of the Solvay Group wanted to implement the new intranet platform and was having the behavior of increasing the sharing of information among the users in different entities. Moreover, the management wanted to increase the team empowerment and teamwork.................................

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