Leadership Styles and Organizational Behavior Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Problem Statement

Centre Settlement House (CSH) is exposed to risks caused by the current leadership style of Tom Saunders. Moreover, the organizational culture is being jeopardized and the organizational structure is not supportive for CSH.

Analysis of Problems


Leadership involves socially influencing the followers in order to maximize their efforts for the fulfillment of organizational goals and objectives. Meanwhile, leadership does not mean to influence the people through power or authority but to influence them through socially interacting with them in a less formal way and leadership does not emphasize the titles. Moreover, influencing people is with the aim of getting a target or objective achieved by them. (Kruse, 2013).

Analysis of Current Leadership

Currently the executive director, Tom Saunders, follows the autocratic leadership and declarative leadership style because he does not participate in the business operations and the whole operations are led by Josh martin, whereas, Josh Martins follows the opposite participative leadership style, which involves the participation in business operations. Therefore, there has been a stressed relationship between Saunders and Martin.


Leadership is a component of four fundamental factors of production, which comes under the entrepreneurship factor, therefore, an effective leadership style is very much important for successful running of business operations because leadership provides the direction and objective for the business and sets example for the followers in order to achieve this objective in an effective manner. (David Ingram)


Moreover, Leadership plays an important part in order to motivate the staff, however, Saunders’ leadership style does not contribute towards the motivation of staff in fact its autocratic and declarative leadership style de-motivates not only Martin but also the lower level staff. On the other hand, Martin’s leadership style encourages the staff and creates a social relation with them that motivates them in order to work in the best interest of CSH.

Emotional Competences

Emotional competences enable leaders to identify the emotions of their staff and take appropriate actions that solve their issues, which have been identified through their emotions (Tae-Yeol Kim, 2013). However, Martin had the emotional competencies because he has always responded to the staff issues and had actively tried to resolve their issues. On the other hand, Saunders has no emotional competencies because he even does not respond to the direct requests of Martin.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is referred to the environment within which the staff interacts with each other and it is based on the culture and background of each individual staff member (Organizational Culture: Corporate Culture in Organizations).

Analysis of Existing Culture

CSH’s organizational culture is influence by the leadership style and Saunders leadership style puts a very bad impact on organizational culture because he has a very bad behavior towards the staff and he even screams at Martin who is next to his management level, on the other hand, Martin is very helpful and polite with the staff he listens to them and he has been tolerating Saunders bad attitude.

Organizational Commitment

Organizational commitment means psychological attachment of staff members towards the organization (Organizational Commitment: Definition, Theory & Types). Saunders is very much committed to the organization and is attached to CSH with long term association perspective, meanwhile, Josh Martin is not happy with the attitude and leadership style of Saunders, therefore, he is not willing to be associated with CSH for any more but he can not quit his job due to the threat of not getting employment elsewhere.

Stressful Organization

Josh Martin is under huge stress from his conflicting position with Saunders; meanwhile, he is unable to resign from his position because the current economic conditions are not good and Saunders has strong relations with other CEOs and Martin knew that Saunders will influence other CEO for not hiring him. Meanwhile, other staff members are also under the stress because they are not happy with Saunders attitude.

Organizational Structure

Organization structure can be said the patterns of jobs and hierarchy of staff members, moreover, responsibilities and authorities within the organization and relations external to the organization. An effective organization structure should be able to support the business operations and achievement of organization’s overall objectives. (Organizational Structure )

Martin’s Employment Terms

Martin has been long associated with CSH since its graduation and he was withdrawing reasonable compensation in terms of monitory and non monitory benefits as per his employment agreement. In addition to these benefits, he was getting annual cost of living allowance that was not mentioned in employment agreement. Moreover, Martin was ready to work on 24 hours and could be called for during any time, meanwhile, he had to attend agency strategy meetings on Sundays as part of his employment terms............................

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