Kvadrat: Leading for Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

In 2013, Anders Byriel, CEO of the family-owned Danish fabrics company, Kvadrat, considered the business strategic vision. In year 2000, Byriel and Mette Bendix, Kvadrat’s Product Director, had replaced direction of the business from their dads, who had founded Kvadrat in the 1960s. Bendix and Byriel had joined Kvadrat in 1992, and since that time, Kvadrat had grown from EUR19 million in annual sales to over EUR86 million. It had expanded its focus on selling cloths to European architects and furniture makes, becoming a global business with a comprehensive customer base and wide product diversity. The inner organization of Kvadrat had grown and distorted to prop up this company that was bigger. Was such an extensive growth, turn around and internal development agenda possible? And, were the initiatives being considered the correct ones for Kvadrat?"


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Kvadrat: Leading for Innovation

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