Just Dial Limited Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case let on Just Dial elucidates the business model of a coordinated platform, one that matches the users on one side (consumers) with those on the other side (local, small and medium businesses).) The case details on the business model, and elucidates the development of the business of Just Dial from a simple local search platform, to a search & transact platform.

The case finishes with questions on the sustainability of the business model and also the extension to merchandise ecommerce. Crucial issues for discussion using this caselet in combination with the BharatMatrimony.com case as well as the Practocaselet contain sustainability of matching platform business models and identification of the particular industry conditions where such business models might be extended (and where it could not be).


This is just an excerpt. This case is about  STRATEGY & EXECUTION

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Just Dial Limited

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