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The primary activities of Jucy rentals comprise of inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services. Inbound logistic provides the information about the movement of raw material, inventory, or finished inventory from suppliers to the different departments in the company such as, manufacturing department, ware houses, assembly plants or retail stores.

The operations of the company provide a complete detail of processes performed within the company to transform the given input into output. It generally includes the information about the transformation of raw material by applying direct labor and other necessary elements. Outbound logistics provide complete detail about the movement of finished goods to the end user. It provides complete details about all the events occurred when the product flows from the end of the production line to the end user.

Marketing and sales depict the complete marketing strategies adopted by the company and the implementation of such strategies. It provides the information that how the company’s products are introduced in the market and how to make people aware about the company’s products. Services include the information about the customer care services and also after sales services, provided by the company in order to maintain the reputation of the company. 


Jucy design, based in Helens Ville North of Auckland, is a manufacturing division of Jucy Rentals. The vehicles imported are kept at the receiving depot for vehicles which is built inside the manufacturing department there was also a storage room built for storing raw materials.

After the vehicles are processed through manufacturing division, design, refurbishment and laminating division, they finally enter into the paint shop. Inside the main building there is also a paint shop which is situated behind a specially sealed spray paint unit. The building is also facilitated with undercover parking and open area parking. The undercover parking has comparatively low area than the open parking. Ten vehicles refurbished at the end of the product line are situate don the undercover parking whereas, the open parking area is for further 120 vehicles.

Large fittings and accessories, production tools, and necessary raw materials are imported and kept in a storage room situated inside the building in manufacturing division.

Jucy Rentals should maintain a complete computerized records and raw material trial to analyze that whether raw materials are giving proper yield or not. It will also help to determine that whether there is any wastage in raw material as well as it also helps in effective allocation of raw materials into the process.


There are five different operations performed in the company to transform the imported vehicles into fully furbished JUCY branded campervans. Those five processes are designing, fiberglass laminating, painting, installation and fitment and finally the maintenance workshop.

The design team was made for problem solving and collaborating with the production teams. They make researches on new designs in the market and then apply then mold the outfit to apply those designs. The design team is also responsible for all interior modification, which involves customized interior paths. After the vehicles get free from the design department they enter into the lamination department. Lamination department completes two batches of 23 different fiberglass parts by working 9 hour production shifts. Manufacturing procedures include preparation, glass cutting, resin mixing, gel coat layup and curing activities.

Jucy Rentals Case Solution

After the product gets completed from laminating department, it goes into the process of refurbishment.In the refurbishment department, a preliminary mechanical overview is given to the product and after passing from preliminary mechanical overview a full mechanical over view is also given. After the refurbishment department, the product goes into the painting department. After getting painted the vehicles enters into the vehicles enters into the assembly department. Assembly department consists of two fitting areas. In the first fitting area rear and luggage compartments are fixed, whereas, in the second fitting area two teams completes the interior and exterior modification. The interior team fits the molded parts used to fit large house items whereas, the exterior team is responsible for adjusting hinges, openings, and mounting the exterior branded panels.

Moreover,the vehicles are progressed to the penthouse fitment area in which the households such as crockery, TV, bed,curtains, etc. are fixed and the van is carpeted in this process. The vehicles are cleaned internally and externally through steam cleaning and finally they are entered into the quality control department for inspection and checking quality.

The company should hire skilled professionals in order to monitor the all the operations of the company to identify whether the operations are performed effectively or not......................

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